Rhett Podersoo

Machine Room Design is Rhett Podersoo. I am a London, UK based digital illustrator, designer and photographer working with a wide range of clients from publishers and film directors to bands and record labels.

Authors & Publishers

Stephen King, Whitley Strieber, Hodder & Stoughton, Daniel Polansky, Rick Riordan, Penguin Books, VM. Zito, Readers Digest, Mark Keating, S.I. Martin, Hattchet Childrens Books, Tad Williams, Robin Furth, Kate Kelly, Curious Fox ...

Bands & Record labels

Metal Blade Records, Peaceville Records, Snapper Records, Metropolis Records, My Dying Bride, Kimaera, Dawn Of Ashes, Paradise In Exile, The Way Of Purity, Norhod, Worm Hole Death Records, It All Ends Here, Inanimacy, Your Pain Is Endearing, Alone In The Morgue, Ravenscry, The Stranded, Coronor Records, Cold Cold Ground, Six Magics, Subsound Records, Dope Stars, Urilia, Falling Skies, Death Watch Asia, Mendacity, Underwell, Cryogenic Enchelon, Epochate, The Foreshadowing, Fragore, Diary Of Dreams, Silvered, Gyze, Legions Ablaze, Damage Rite, Pyroxene, Asudem, Hacking The Wave, Elvenking, Starsick System, Sirens, The Always, Sickness, Havenless ...


SFX, Metal Hammer, Zillo


David Gemmell Awards 2014 Shortlist-  The Ravenheart Award for Best Cover Art

Polka Theatre

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